Misty Beruberojo


Misty Rojo serves as the Campaign and Policy Director for Justice Now, whose mission is to end violence against women and stop their imprisonment. She is a survivor of domestic violence, a factor in the crime she committed that led to a ten year prison sentence and separated her from her four young sons. While incarcerated in the Central California Women’s Facility, Misty was mentored by true activists for social change and taught the meaning of self-determination and resilience. She believes community solutions can eliminate our reliance on policing and prisons. Misty’s work focuses on campaigns to build coalitions and bring about policy change using an intersectional prison abolition framework.

She continues to fight with fierceness and love for people still suffering at the hands of the state. She has learned that true liberation only comes when we stand together and fight together. Most fundamental to Misty’s work, in the words of Audre Lorde, is the idea that “I have a duty to speak the truth as I see it and share not just my triumphs, not just the things that felt good, but the pain, the intense, often unmitigated pain. It is important to share how I know survival is survival and not just a walk through the rain.”