Paul Rothschild


Having previously volunteered with the Fully Free Campaign, the Illinois Alliance for Reentry and Justice, and the People’s Coalition for Safety and Freedom (and more!), Paul Rothschild joined the Illinois Campaign to End Permanent Punishments as Operations Manager in May 2023.

Paul brings decades of experience in leadership from the corporate world—from small business to publicly traded organizations, in business operations, IT, finance, and HR—in addition to his own lived experience, having served a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence in federal prison, to help ENDPP.ORG streamline, professionalize, and prepare for growth.

Paul’s passion for this work grew out of the shocking experience of the disproportionate effect of incarceration on Black, indigenous, and people of color, and his own experience of the continuation of privilege after release on the processes of reentry, reintegration, and restoration of rights.