Ryan Lo


RyanLo is a producer at UnLabeled Digital Media, the Director of Operations at the Community Transitions Initiative, and a 2016/17 Soros Senior Advocacy Fellow.  He is a long-time member of the both the UCLA Justice Work Group and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, and has been involved in numerous statewide policy campaigns.  Ryan has been called to give testimony before both the California Senate and the Assembly on juvenile justice reform measures and is intimately involved in the justice reform landscape across California.

A storyteller by nature, Ryan is a regular lecturer at USC and UCLA, and has lectured on criminal and juvenile justice reform at colleges across the country.In 2016 he gave the keynote address at the World Youth Initiative Forum in Jarna, Sweden.  Ryan’s experiences as a juvenile tried as an adult and his 23 years of incarceration as well as his work around policy reform led him to found UnLabeled Digital Media as a means uplifting the stories of systems-impacted persons and the nonprofits who serve them, while at the same time employing those same systems-impacted persons in the production of the media.