Shawn Gardner


With more than a decade of problem solving experience working with families and communities in Louisville, Kentucky, Shawn Gardner has developed a keen insight into how to analyze problems and develop practical solutions.  As a community activist and fatherhood advocate he has brought together various entities to improve communities and strengthen families.

Shawn is the founder of 2NOT1: Fatherhood & Families, where he works to change how fathers interact with their children and their children’s mother. Success is achieved by changing fathers’ societal perceptions, and through paternal education and empowerment as well as  development of co-parenting strategies so children benefit from the love and support of both parents.  Shawn believes that through 2NOT1 he can “change the lives of children, one father at a time.” 

In addition to working with fathers, Shawn created a youth development program, implemented in various school districts, that teaches young black males to recognize and manage conflict in their lives and strengthen their decision-making ability. Mr. Gardner has a Masters in Conflict Management, is a Leadership Louisville Bingham Fellow, a Practitioner Leadership Institute Fellow, and is an author of a memoir “Me vs Me, Vol: 1 – The Struggle Within.”  Currently he is earning his PhD in Agriculture Extension Education from Mississippi State University.