Susan Mason


Susan Mason is a founding member and Executive Director of What’s Next – Washington.  She is a member of the National Council of Formerly and Currently Incarcerated Women and Girls and is active in several coalitions including Washington Voting Justice, Independent Corrections Ombuds, Community Partnership for Transition Services, Foster Care-to-Prison-Pipeline, and FARE Housing, to name a few.  Susan’s current work is centered on three key issues.  First, measurably reducing recidivism by disrupting the school-to-prison and foster-care-to-prison pipelines and diverting people from prison. Second, changing public perceptions of the formerly incarcerated through multimedia impact campaigns.  And third, providing the formerly incarcerated and directly impacted with ongoing leadership development training.

Her volunteer work includes working with young women and mothers who have substance abuse disorders.  She was Vice-Chair of the Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee of Seattle Area Narcotics Anonymous and was the Public Relations Chair for the PR subcommittee of Seattle Area Narcotics Anonymous. Susan spent 19 years in the mortgage industry as a loan officer and in foreclosure defense. She was incarcerated in federal prison from 2002-2003.