Susan Mason speaks about the impact of collateral consequences for people with a conviction history

January 5, 2023

“‘We challenge a system that keeps [formerly incarcerated individuals] locked out,’ says Susan Mason, Executive Director of What’s Next Washington. ‘We work with employers and other private sector partners to change their laws and their rules and policies, to remove the barriers that stay in place for decades after a conviction.’

“‘Most of the people in the nation that have a conviction history are long past contact with the criminal legal system,’ Mason continued. ‘So, currently there are 70 million of us and 63 million plus have no further contact. They are not in prison or jail, they are not on probation or parole, yet we can still be denied housing, employment, education, not eligible for loans for business and this can last for life.’”

Susan Mason, Leading with Conviction 2018 graduate and Executive Director of What’s Next Washington, speaks about working to dismantle barriers faced by those living with a conviction history.

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