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Zaria Davis


Dr. Zaria Davis is a mother, mentor, educator, advocate and community activist. Serving as Executive Director for Lincoln Heights Outreach, Inc., Zaria assists families by guiding them towards self-sufficiency through individualized action plans. She is the owner of New Direction Coaching & Consulting, LLC and serves as a transitional coach, helping individuals through life transitions, career or personal shifts, and nonprofit coaching.

Zaria is passionate about working with women in reentry and children impacted by mass incarceration. She volunteers with local social justice groups in Greater Cincinnati and has also worked with her local pre-trial office to assist in the development of women’s pre-incarceration orientation and readiness. Her goal is to launch a non-profit in 2019 which will address many of the gaps in service in her community for formerly incarcerated individuals. Zaria holds a Doctor of Social Work Degree from Capella University, a Masters in Social Work from University of Cincinnati, and BA in Sociology from Wilberforce University. She is a member of various local and national organizations and has public and keynote speaking engagements throughout the country.