Proposed Rollback to Cash Bail Reform Would Re-entrench Racism in NY’S Criminal Justice System, says JustLeadershipUSA

February 12, 2020

Contact: Courtney Holsworth,, 989-572-8162

Contact: Michael Paul Jackson,, 646-397-8069

New York, NY – Today, reports emerged that New York State Senators will introduce legislation to significantly roll back cash bail reform — less than 60 days after new policies were put into place. The move follows a massive fear-mongering campaign by opponents of the law to convince New Yorkers that bail reform is dangerous.

“It’s ridiculous and disheartening that lawmakers would seek to change the bail reform package based on a fear campaign from critics,” said DeAnna Hoskins, CEO of JustLeadershipUSA. “The reform was a major step forward toward dismantling racism in our criminal justice system. With these proposed rollbacks, black and brown New Yorkers will continue to be locked up and monitored at a disproportionate rate for no other reason besides the color of their skin.”

She continued, “Between finally closing Rikers Island and passing the most progressive cash bail reform law in the nation, New York has made marked steps to make our criminal justice system more fair and equitable over the past few years. We should be looking for opportunities to build on the progress we’ve made, rather than hold on to an unfair mass incarceration system that has imprisoned and destabilized communities of color for decades. New Yorkers need to call on their legislators to reject any rollbacks to bail reform or any other attempts to replace money bail with equally harmful and racist systems.”


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