Tony Gant

#LwC2021 Fellow

What is your current work?

I currently work as a policy analyst and regional coordinator for Nation Outside. Nation Outside is a Michigan based organization of formerly incarcerated people. We focus mainly on policy reform to create transformative systems of support for justice impacted people and their communities.

Biggest Challenge of 2021:

I had a number of challenges in 2021. My biggest challenge for 2021 was navigating Covid and stepping into a new role with Nation Outside.

Biggest Accomplishment of 2021:

My biggest accomplishment for 2021 was completing LwC development training! I was also the driving force behind the release of the first of its kind report in Michigan on jail based voting. I was also able to get a Fair Chance Housing ordinance passed that helps people with criminal histories get access to housing.

What have you gained from your LwC training:

My LwC training opened my eyes to a number of blind spots in my leadership. The leadership challenge has made me a better leader by far. However my most important takeaway from the LwC training is the reality that in order for this movement to really work we must work to build out leadership in justice impacted people.

Any final message to the JLUSA community?

Investing in us, by us is the transformative step we need to build out justice impacted people across the nation.