Clean Slate Michigan

Nearly thirty percent of people with records are unemployed nationwide. Getting a conviction “expunged” means that it is removed from your public criminal record. An expungement allows someone to legally state on any application for school, employment, public benefits, or housing that you have never been convicted of a crime.

Right now in Michigan, the expungement process is complicated and costly, and too few people are eligible. We must work to make expungement an automatic process, one that is simple and open to more people. By expanding expungement, we can remove barriers to meaningful employment, housing, and education that are faced by millions of Michiganders with records.

In Michigan, the #WORKINGfuture campaign partners with local organizations led by directly impacted people to demand an end to the criminalization of people in this state.

We organize to:

Expand and automate expungement to reflect the needs of the communities most harmed by mass criminalization.

Support House Bill 4326 to “ban the box” on public and private employers in Michigan.

Support the enactment of fair housing ordinances that will allow people with records to access safe, clean, and affordable housing.

This year, as a result of #WORKINGFUTURE and the work of local partners, Gov. Whitmer signed the most expansive expungement legislation in the country. The law will automatically clear certain convictions from public view, while also making more people eligible for expungement through the application process.

The changes are expected to help hundreds of thousands of Michiganders by removing a barrier to employment, housing and other opportunities after people have rehabilitated themselves. But the fight is not yet over. Join us to demand for a #CLEANSLATE Michigan!