ONWARD ALERT: Trump Takes Aim at SNAP

March 12, 2019

Trump Seeks to Limit SNAP Benefits

A new rule proposed by President Trump would reduce or erase SNAP benefits (also known as Food Stamps) for nearly 3 million people, with 755,000 people guaranteed to lose their access. This policy change will disproportionately harm people with records and their families, who face 33,600 barriers to employment and are more likely to experience food insecurity and higher levels of poverty. As an organization led and powered by formerly incarcerated and directly impacted people, we are all-too-aware of why SNAP is crucial for people to survive.

We are calling on all JustLeadershipUSA members and supporters to submit a letter to the Trump Administration before April 2nd to demand an end to this dangerous proposal. #handsoffSNAP


Information and Action

The Facts. 

SNAP (aka food stamps or EBT) is a government program that assists communities struggling with food insecurity.

  • Over 42 million people in the U.S. participate in the SNAP program
  • More than 68% of families using SNAP have children
  • 2/3 of SNAP beneficiaries are children, elderly, or disabled
  • $1 spent on SNAP creates $1.70 in economic activity

The existing and proposed work requirements to receive SNAP benefits ignore the barriers people face to stable and generational wage that people, particularly those with records, must face. As shown by JLUSA’s #WORKINGfuture campaign, there are more 46,000 laws and statutes that people face when they are released from incarceration that bar them from employment or basic benefits.

  • 60,000 people are released from incarceration every year
  • 91% become immediately “food insecure” after their release
  • Over 50% of families with incarcerated loved ones struggle to meet basic needs like finding shelter and feeding their children
  • 60% of people with records are unemployed a year after release from incarceration, even as they actively attempt to find work

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