Keturah Herron speaks out against new anti-trans law


March 30, 2023

At the Kentucky Capitol on Wednesday, Leading with Conviction 2019 graduate and Kentucky State Representative Keturah Herron spoke out against the passage of Senate Bill 150, which will target LGBTQ+ youth and is the most restrictive anti-trans bill in the country.

Dozens of protestors joined House Democrats to stand against the danger the new law will pose to Kentucky youth by banning access to gender-affirming healthcare, prohibiting school staff from being required to use correct pronouns for gender non-conforming students, and more.

As the first openly LGBTQ+ Kentucky House Representative, Herron says, “The only time that we’ve had a lot of people in this building, in this Capitol, was when we had been taking away their rights. It was the teachers’ rights; it was abortion rights; today, it’s trans rights. What’s it going to be next year?”