Lester Young on “The Power of Redemption”

November 27, 2023

JustLeadershipUSA Senior Movement and Capacity Building Specialist Lester Young recently spoke at TEDxHilton Head in South Carolina on “The Power of Redemption.”

As the video description says, “Meet an individual who spent 22 years behind bars, only to emerge with a renewed purpose in life – one of inspiration and support. This powerful narrative is a call to action for providing meaningful opportunities for the incarcerated to help build safer communities for all. Drawing from personal experiences, Lester’s journey highlights the transformative potential within the prison system, and his work in passionately advocating for a shift in societal perspective towards those seeking redemption, emphasizing the importance of education, mentorship, and second chances. Lester Young, Jr., a native of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, has carved an extraordinary path of transformation, resilience, and empowerment. At the age of 19, Lester found himself facing a life sentence, a daunting reality that could have stifled his potential. However, he embraced the challenge, determined to turn his life around and positively impact the lives of others.”

Watch the full TEDx video:

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